Homemade Green Tea Yogurt Mixed Berry Pancakes + Cold Brew Coffee

Homemade Green Tea Yogurt Mixed Berry Pancakes + Cold Brew Coffee

After two weeks of lazing around my apartment in Toronto, I’m going to Kitchener to be with family and friends for the rest of the summer. Now because there are only two days left before I leave, I didn’t want to go grocery shopping this weekend so food pickings are slim in my apartment.

I was able to scrape together some ingredients for an easy stew for my lunches and dinners but for breakfast all I had were smoothie ingredients, coffee and tea. When I found a mason jar of gluten-free pancake mix that a friend gifted me for Christmas a year ago, I got a major craving for pancakes. But could I make them with the ingredients I had left? Turns out yogurt makes a great egg substitute so I did a little kitchen experiment. I also decided to try my hand at making some homemade cold brew coffee because every time I’ve gone to Starbucks to try it, they’re always out. Why would one of the most popular coffee chains make anything in small batches?

The first step in making cold-brew coffee starts the day before you want to drink it. Since Keurig has come under fire for the amount of waste their coffee pods produce, I’ve been using a re-useable pod and whatever coffee I want (aka is on sale). I filled the pod with my coffee grounds, dropped it in a mason jar filled with cold water, tossed in the fridge and set my timer for 20 hours. Patience is a key ingredient in this recipe.

For the pancakes, I didn’t think of including them in this post until I had the batter ready so excuse the lack of step-by-step pictures.

I took my usual blend of seeds and grains: flax seed, chia seeds, wheatgerm and hemp hearts, and added that to my flour. I always keep a jar of brewed green tea in the fridge for my smoothies, and since that’s just leaf-flavoured water, I used that instead of plain water. After conflicting research findings of how much yogurt can be used to substitute one egg, I decided to go with 1/2 cup. I decided to throw in some frozen berries. I then picked out the strawberries and sliced them because they’re far too big for pancakes.Once the pancakes were made I decided to take half the pancakes and save them in tupperware for tomorrow’s breakfast (or a snack later today). They turned out great! The fact that this was my original recipe made me feel pretty confident about my culinary skills. I definitely think these will become a regular part of my Sunday breakfasts.

As for the coffee, cold-brewing it proved to give a lighter, almost sweeter taste to the coffee. This would taste delicious with some flavoured milk, maybe some chocolate syrup, or with some Bailey’s or Kaluha (after 12PM of course.)

Damn, I’m good at this food thing.


2 cups pancake mix (I used gluten free because I happened to have it. But I imagine that a gluten-full version would work just as well.)

1 tbsp each: chia seeds, flax seed, wheatgerm, hemp harts

1/2 cup yogurt

1 cup green tea

3 tbsp vegetable oil (I thought about using coconut oil after I made them.)

Berries (frozen or fresh. Whatever you got on hand.)


1. Mix all the dry ingredients.

2a. Add yogurt, tea, oil and mix.

2b. If you’re like me, decide that the batter is too thick. So add water. Then decide it’s too watery. Add more chia seeds. Leave it alone because you’re scared of ruining your batter.

4. Throw in your berries whole, or sliced for bigger berries like strawberries.

5. In a sauce pan, add some vegetable oil, (and wonder if you need to add vegetable oil if there’s some in the batter). Ladle in your batter.

6. Flip when… well before they burn? Then take out of the pan before they burn.

7. Garnish with whatever you want – I used shredded coconut and a little bit of agave.

8. EAT.




That’s it.


1. Fill a reusable K-Cup coffee pod with your preferred coffee.

2. Put the coffee pod in a standard size mason jar, and fill with water. Cover.

3. Put in the fridge for 20 hours. I read that anywhere from 18-24 hours works, but I wanted to get back at Starbucks so I stuck with 20.

4. Add ice cubes, and accessorize.

Got any stellar pancake or coffee recipes? Did you try this out? Let me know how it went in the comments below!

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