5 Podcasts I Love Listening To

5 Podcasts I Love Listening To

I listen to a lot of podcasts. When I'm getting ready for work, on the TTC, when I'm at work, doing chores around my apartment... basically constantly. I frequently am referring to different podcasts I've listened to. I wanted to highlight 5 podcasts (in no particular order) that I love listening to and that I ensure I listen to every episode!

This headline from  The Beaverton  hit a little close to home.

This headline from The Beaverton hit a little close to home.

Pod Save America

This hit podcast from Crooked Media run by former Obama staffers has become a bastion for the left, especially since That Election™. What's great about how the hosts talk about political issues is that 1) they give concrete examples of how folks can take action, and 2) they're so friendly and approachable that even when I don't understand everything happening, they're able to clarify and make the topics accessible. They've expanded Crooked Media to include written content on their website and a host of other podcasts that I also love!


This show, hosted by the incomparable Maria Hinojosa, takes a look at the experience, influence, and power of Latino communities in the United States. They take a holistic approach by talking about politics, health, art, and history. This show has been so instrumental in bringing light to my own identity as a Latino. Maria also runs Futuro Media Group, and with frequent LatinoUSA collaborator, Julio Ricardo Varela, they host In The Thick, a show about current issues from a POC perspective. 

Media Indigena

With Media Indigena Rick Harp brings together a panel of different indigenous scholars, journalists, activists, and leaders every week to talk about news items, events, and concepts relating to Indigeneity in Canada (and sometimes internationally too). It's great to be able to hear about their topics through the lens of Indigenous people and I've gained so much insight of the experience of being Indigenous in 2017, and gleaned more ways to be a better ally. If interested, support Media Indigena on Patreon!


I really like CanadaLand and Jesse Brown's take on presenting Canadian news and events through the lens of media criticism. Journalism has always been an interest of mine, and being able to learn about the industry, and develop my capacity to understand how different ways of reporting affects my, and the cultural understanding of different topics. Their other podcasts Commons and Imposter are solid too, and I'm very excited for Ryan McMahon's investigative podcast on Thunder Bay - go support them on Patreon too!

The Daily

Michael Barbaro is basically a legend already for his hosting of this podcast from the New York Times. In 15-20 minutes every weekday, he's able to give an indepth look at some of the key issues and topics - mostly covering American issues, but often venturing into international waters. I've often described it as being told the news by a close friend that you trust - his ability to make the news accessible and educational is amazing. Kudos also goes to his colleagues in the field! You can also check out more of his work with The New Washington.

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